About Us

STEP (Special Talent Exchange Program) was conceived and initiated by persons with disabilities themselves in 1997. Being a cross disability organization STEP is committed to mainstreaming disability in development through empowering individuals and organizations of persons with disabilities as well as sensitizing society about rights based approach.

STEP has coined the idea of leadership of persons with disabilities in Pakistan to ensure a just, accessible and inclusive community in which the human rights, citizenship, contribution and potential of people with disabilities are respected and celebrated. Promoting volunteerism, awareness campaigns, leadership training, employment exchange, innovative livelihood opportunities, research and information dissemination are major endeavours of STEP. 


Mainstreaming of disabled people in the society  



  • Advocate society about the rights of disabled persons through awareness campaigns and demonstrations
  • Inclusion of disabled persons in overall development process through lobbying with policy makers in public, private and development sector
  • Empowerment of disabled persons through training and counseling
  • Development of Accessible environment though awareness raising and consultations
  • Creating bridge between disabled persons and facilities of health, education and livelihood through promoting accessible information