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Accessibility Audit

We work with our clients to achieve the best and most cost effective solution in meeting their disability access needs. We work by implementing reasonable adjustments in the structure to achieve safe disabled access. We always try to avoid unnecessary expensive changes and meeting your needs. Each accessibility report contains recommendations that are easily followed and understood with realistic and manageable timescales. We make personalized reports to meet your individual needs as well as available finances. Still, there are more reasons why you should go for an accessibility audit for your place.

We are the first disability access audit firm in the country. Take advantage of our years of expertise in disability and our immense experience of disabled people's real needs. We have an impressive Client list of the largest businesses and Government bodies because of our sensible and cost effective approach.

A glimpse of changes made at the central head quarters of Telenor Pakistan in F-7 Islamabad after the disability audit.


Khuddar Pakistan

A Weekly Radio Program 

Every Sunday from 3:10pm till 4:00pm

Radio Pakistan


Khuddar Pakistan Radio program aired a special show on the occasion of this Eid-ul-Fitr, with a theme to include everyone in joyous moments of life. Radio broadcast has always been instrumental in disseminating information; particularly it reaches the communities, considered as less developed. Even in the flood of electronic mass media tools, radio transmission has sustained its worth being most easy to connect in the fast moving life. Development sector including multidimensional non-governmental organizations and public bodies have witnessed a radical change in mind set after adopting radio as an advocacy device, this fact has led Telenor Pakistan’s Khuddar Pakistan drive to ignition a dynamic radio program with a prime aim to highlight the efforts made for the mainstreaming of persons with disabilities in the country from both ends; government and civil society. The uniform weekly format of this 50 minutes duration program contains diversity within it because of having leading people from the development sectors and high achiever disabled persons as guests. Themes for each week are carefully selected to address the barriers faced by disabled persons in development and to identify opportunities they have. According to one of the listener ‘I have learnt from this program about my rights being a disabled persons and came to know first time in my life that this society offers a lot for us’.


The sustainable impact of the program is measurable with gradually increasing number of incoming live calls, e-mails and text messages from the incredibly far flung areas of the country due to the wide coverage of PBC. The rundown of the previous programs since its first on air show on August 2, 2009 has included following key attributes:


Program Structure:

Presenter/Producer:    Rehana Khan (Physically Disabled on Wheel Chair) 

                                    Masters Degree from Quid-e-Azam University Islamabad

Expert:                         Muhammad Atif Sheikh President STEP


Population Covered (Assumed from 1998 census figures):