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Disability Equality Training

DET aims to address the need for information about reality of disability. General awareness of the reality of disability is limited because society is organized in such a way as to treat disability as an exceptional circumstance that requires special and, in the main, separate provision which is often inadequate and serves only to maintain the divisions and lack of understanding between non-disabled and disabled people. In recent years, however, many public and private sector entities have gradually realized that their work practices and policies fall far short of fulfilling the needs, rights and aspirations of disabled people who are their clients, customers and coworkers and that, in order to change this situation, they need to turn to disabled people for education and guidance. From this realization has grown the demand for DET run by disabled people, which targets people to understand the meaning of disability, identify changes in work practice, and plan strategies to implement change. 

•    To reach a social, as opposed to an individual, (medical), model of disability.

•    To challenge some of the common myths and false distinctions that relegate disabled people to the status of a discriminated-against minority.

•    To demonstrate the practical application of equal opportunities policies for disabled people within the immediate area of work.

•    To formulate an Action Plan of constructive changes which participants can make to their work situations and personal lives, and that will contribute to the gathering momentum for change in the social, economic, and political position of disabled people. 

•    To equip participants with a working knowledge of disability, which will enable them to recognize the discriminatory language and the visual images that help to perpetuate the inequality of disabled people.

    STEP initiated DETs in 2008 with the collaboration of American Institute for Research (AIR), hence becoming the first and the only DPO in Pakistan to conduct Disability Equality Trainings.

Since 2008, STEP has conducted successful DETs to the members of various corporate and public sector organizations that include:

UKs, CHIP, Telenor Pakistan, A STAR Project JICA, UN Habitat, BrightSpyre, Iqra University Islamabad, Bahria University Islamabad, Social Bloggers Community, AdCom Advertising Company, World Vision, Hashoo Foundation, Cynosure Consultants Inc., ERRA, SPEED Foundation, Serena Hotel Islamabad, National Institute of Special Education (NISE), Islamabad, British Alumni Association Pakistan