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Accessible Employment


Persons with disabilities (PWDs) represent 10% of the overall population in Pakistan.  It is the single largest minority group seeking employment in today’s market. Many organizations in Europe, Japan and US have benefited by recruiting people with disabilities for many years but unfortunately, due to lack of awareness it is not the case in Pakistan. Employers, due to lack of knowledge on disability, don’t consider them suitable for the field and office work. On the other hand social norms restrict PWDs to come out and explore their potential.


Introduction to Accessible Employment

This project is aimed to minimize the gap between the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and the Corporate, Development and Public Sector. It allows employers to include qualified disabled candidates in their employee recruitment efforts. STEP would act as a bridge between the Employers and the Employees. Our business model for Accessible Employment makes it easy both for the Job seekers and the Employers to get connected and achieve what they have been looking for.



1.       Create a link between Employers and Persons with Disabilities

2.       Sensitize employers to create accessibility in their work environment and to hire the Persons with Disabilities

3.       Career Counseling of Persons with Disabilities


1.       Collection of resumes from our network of DPOs and over 2000 PWDs

2.       Listing of CVs into CV Bank where they are processed, filtered and categorized

3.       Look for job opportunities and share our CVs with the Employers

4.       Lots of Employers advertise their jobs on Job Board

5.       Contact our Network and inform them about current job openings


  STEP Job Board on BrightSpyre

  STEP Email Group that contains key persons from Corporate, Development & Public sector

  STEP Database of PWDs

  STEP Network of DPOs from all over the country and abroad

  Project Coordinator who looks after the overall activities of the project





Progress Indicator

  Number of PWDs employed

  Database of Employers

  Database of PWDs



Disability Job Center