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“Promotion of Inclusive education through the participation of girls with disabilities in Mainstream Schools”

Position: Consultancy for report writing services

Apply by:         15th May 2017
Start date:       18th May 2017
End date:        18th September 2017

a) To ensure that KP’s existing legislative framework promotes a rights-based approach to mainstreaming persons with disabilities, especially vis a vis education; and creates for them an environment where they can exercise their civil rights, the organization plans on carrying out a comprehensive policy review.

b) Conducted by an expert, especially brought on board for the purpose, the said research will make use of both secondary as well as primary data and will culminate in the development of a 20-30 page research report.

The said document will include, but not be limited to, the following:

·         Literature Review with complete Bibliography;

·         Research Methodology and the instruments employed to collect data;

·         In-depth analysis of existing frameworks on disability legislation;

·         A detailed description and analysis of issues faced by disabled, especially vis a vis education;

·         Recommendations to curtail the above concerns; and

·         Successful case studies based on the current intervention as a modus operandi for stakeholders to adopt for equitable and inclusive practices.

c) To ensure adoption of the research findings by the concerned decision makers, STEP plans on organizing 02 Policy Dialogues.

Attended by senior officials from relevant departments, these dialogues will aim at sharing findings with the overall aim of identifying gaps in the review, bringing forth concerns (if any), and developing consensus on adoptable recommendations. For facilitating informed and insightful discussion on the subject a one-page Policy Brief will be shared with the participants well in advance.

d) The research report, once finalized in light of the feedback given during Policy Dialogues, will be formally presented at the Project Closing Ceremony arranged at Nowshera City. The Ceremony will be an opportunity to show case organization’s intervention and the success achieved under it. Moreover, it is hoped that it will pave the way for actual incorporation of the given recommendations in the legislative framework.

We are particularly interested in the following indicators:

1.       Barriers for inclusive education

2.       Accessibility requirements for Girls with Disabilities

3.       Cultural and family support mechanisms

4.       Discrimination

5.       Role of government and local bodies

The expression of interest should include:

·         Personal profile and up to date CV/s

·         A short statement describing your approach

·         Total fee for completed delivery of all stated outputs with a breakdown of given costs

·         Evidence of the required qualifications and experience:

Please submit your expression of interest to the above requirements by 15th May 2017, write the email subject as: ‘Research consultancy’ and send it to:

Please note, responses will only be given to successful applicants and the contract will be awarded within 10 working days of the application deadline.