Disability Job Center (DJC)

We recognize that an important aspect of social inclusion is having the opportunity to work. All individuals including the persons with disabilities should have the opportunity to find and retain a job. However, the rate of employment among disabled persons is below that of people without disability. In Pakistan, many people with a disability want to have a job but they did not have a job portal which was specifically designed for them where they could easily search and apply for a job.

In order to fill this gap, a dedicated job portal for persons with disabilities was launched by STEP in collaboration with Telenor Pakistan. This is the first of its kind of job portal in Pakistan which will specifically serve persons with disabilities to get job opportunities, available in various sectors of the country.

Disability Job Center (DJC) is Pakistan’s first and the largest employment site connecting disabled job seekers with the employers. This job portal is entirely focused on the persons with disabilities. It is a comprehensive website where the employers from different sectors post jobs for the Persons with Disabilities and that provides updates on various opportunities to the Persons with Disabilities job seekers.

Picture of Two Disabled Persons Working in their Office (Disability Job Center)

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To provide job opportunities to Persons with Disabilities.

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Telenor is paying the fee for web-development.



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Disability Job Center is Pakistan’s first job center for Persons with Disabilities, that connects talent with opportunity. Disability Job Center provides services to job seekers with disabilities as well as employers.