Request for Quotation (Printing, Designing and Video Documentary)

Request for Quotation

For the execution of project operation, we are invited well-reputed video production agencies for the sealed quotations. Kindly quote your lowest price on the item listed below:

S No. Description Quoted rates
1 Printing of report, policy briefs and other material
Designing & Printing of reports, policy briefs and other material
Braille Printing of the material and sound descriptor for 05 Items
(1 Study Report, 2 Policy Briefs and 2 Information Sheet)
Support of Sign Language Interpretation for Survey
Voice Recording
Submit original quotation along with this RFQ
2 Disability Inclusive – Accessible Video
· Content Writing
· Filming & Video Editing
· Sign Language Interpretation
· Voice Over
· Captioning in English
3 Implementation 10 Advocacy Material GBV
· Designing, Printing and Dissemination
· Braille copies of the advocacy material
· Sign Language Interpretation Recording
· Voice Recording & Captioning
· Translation of the material
· Social Media Campaign (Designing and Dissemination)
  • Quoted rates should be inclusive of taxes (if any) please mention separately
  • This RFQ is part of a competitive procurement process, which helps to serve the best interests of the Organization.
  • The award may be made to the vendor whose proposal is determined to be the most advantageous to the Organization for the proper implementation of Project.
  • Any resulting purchase will be subject to the STEP terms and conditions.
  • Procurement committee has reserve the right to accept /Or reject the quoted rates submitted without explaining the reasons
Department: Admin & Finance
Contact: Mr. Muneeb Ahmed
Cell: +92-312-5360540
Tel: +92-51-8435806
Request date: 01/10/2020 Closing date: 10/10/2020