Addressing GBV through
Psychosocial Support service

STEP, with the support of United Nation Population Fund’s project (The FCDO funded Aawaz II programme), is working to address all barriers that women with disabilities face and reduce gender-based violence against them by increasing their access to GBV services and information in Pakistan. The project adopts multipronged approach to address these issues including advocacy for inclusive legislations and policies, capacity building of public and private service providers, awareness raising, and psychosocial support to the GBV survivors. The project is implemented in KP and Punjab, however, the psychosocial support service provided by STEP through helpline is available to all women across Pakistan.

Person with disabilities in Pakistan face multiple challenges and barriers; they often face hardship and discrimination in accessing the basic needs and sometime live under harsh circumstances. Women with disabilities are more vulnerable to violence as they lack the ability to resist, avoid, or escape the place. In Pakistan gender-based violence is reportedly high, and according to Demographic and Health Service of Pakistan (PDHS-2017-18), 34% ever married women experienced spousal violence.

To prevent gender-based-violence, both the public and private GBV service providers need to be well equipped with necessary information, knowledge and skills which are currently lacking in some significant way. There is a need to establish a well-functioning and coordinated law enforcement and protection mechanisms. STEP in collaboration with United Nations Population Fund’s support (under the FCDO funded Aawaz II programme) provides awareness raising session to key public and private GBV service providers with special regards to persons with disabilities.

GBV Session with Police Department

GBV Session with Lahore DPO's

GBV Session with LAHORE DPO's

GBV Session with Peshawar DPO's

GBV Session with Peshawar DPO's

PSS Worker Training on GBV & PSS

GBV Session with Health Department

GBV session accessing health service in Punjab