Volunteer Engagement

STEP always encourages the involvement of youth in its strategic programmes and ground-breaking initiatives. For this purpose, volunteers are being engaged as needed to get assistance in terms of smooth arrangements for the conferences, workshops, seminars and training activities. These volunteers are chosen based on their intention towards inclusive development. The other criterion for selection of the volunteers are; educational qualification, previous experience (if any), willingness to work in tough situations, etc. There are equal opportunities for males and females in the selection to join as volunteer but females are more encouraged to apply.


  • To get much-needed skills that could help to push the STEP’s mission further.
  • To get valuable feedback that can be used to make optimizations to the processes and procedures.
  • To create a positive impact on retention rates and free up more of staff’s time to focus on other important components of the programme/activity.
  • To bring enthusiasm to the organization and keep others engaged in the organizational goals.
The volunteers are expected to show their commitment in the following areas

Belief in the organization’s mission, recognition and appreciation.

Personal relationships with staff, support from staff, and the belief that they are making positive change.

So far, more than 1200 volunteers have an affiliation with STEP, which have been engaged from time to time, and due to its positive impact, this number is increasing day by day. If you are willing to join as Volunteer, please Register yourself:

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