WIN DRR Leadership Awards 2024

Abia Akram Wins 2024 Women’s International Network for Disaster Risk Reduction Leadership Award

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Nominations for the highly anticipated 2024 Women’s International Network for Disaster Risk Reduction (WIN DRR) Leadership Awards have officially opened, inviting recognition for outstanding contributions in disaster risk reduction throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Established to honor the remarkable efforts and achievements of women in disaster risk reduction, the WIN DRR Leadership Awards serve as a platform to celebrate exemplary leadership, innovation, and dedication in addressing the challenges posed by natural disasters and emergencies.

The WIN DRR, a prominent professional network dedicated to supporting women working in disaster risk reduction, extends an open invitation for nominations from individuals and organizations committed to advancing the field of disaster resilience.

Among the distinguished recipients of the 2024 WIN DRR Leadership Award is Ms. Abia Akram, Project Director at the Special Talent Exchange Program (STEP). Ms. Akram’s unwavering commitment and visionary leadership in disaster risk reduction have earned her widespread acclaim and recognition from her peers and colleagues.

As Project Director at STEP, Ms. Akram has demonstrated exceptional leadership in implementing initiatives and strategies aimed at enhancing disaster preparedness, response, and recovery efforts. Her innovative approaches and proactive measures have significantly contributed to building resilient communities and mitigating the impact of natural disasters across the region.

The announcement of Ms. Abia Akram’s accolade underscores her profound impact and invaluable contributions to the field of disaster risk reduction. Her exemplary dedication to promoting resilience, empowerment, and sustainability serves as an inspiration to women and leaders alike, reaffirming the importance of gender-inclusive approaches in addressing complex humanitarian challenges.

The WIN DRR Leadership Awards not only recognize individual achievements but also serve as a catalyst for collective action and collaboration in advancing disaster resilience and fostering sustainable development across the Asia-Pacific region.

Nominations for the 2024 WIN DRR Leadership Awards are open to all individuals and organizations committed to championing women’s leadership and empowerment in disaster risk reduction. The deadline for submissions is [Deadline Date], and winners will be announced at the prestigious WIN DRR Awards Ceremony later this year.

For more information on nominations and eligibility criteria, please visit the WIN DRR website at