Session in Air University DET 29 May 2019

Disability Inclusive Project Management – Air University

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Disability Inclusive Project Management Summary

STEP in collaboration with Air University, Islamabad organized a session for students of Management Sciences on Disability Inclusive Project Management. The event was attended by students and Head of Department "Management Sciences"!. Mr. Muhammad Atif, Executive Director and Ms. Abia Akram, Project Director have been delivered the lectures to the students of the University. The also sensitized the students about the rights of persons with disabilities.

My principle motivation behind the disability inclusive project management session where persons with disabilities themselves or individuals from their families start to lead the pack in the executives, arrangement of administrations and dynamic. Ensuring to include the persons with disabilities in project management because they are most vulnerable in the society. This key list highlights resources on areas such as evaluating, planning, measuring impact, measuring outcomes and using participatory methods. They sensitized the following key points:

Disability Inclusive - Muhammad Atif, Executive Director is delivering the session to Air university Students [Special Talent Exchange Program (STEP)]