National Meeting of Disabled People Organizations 2010

National Meeting of Disabled Persons Organizations 2010

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National Meeting of DPO’s

Government of Pakistan, development organizations and self-help organizations of persons with disabilities all over the country are contributing in the rehabilitation, empowerment and mainstreaming of disabled persons since early 80s but a dire need has always been felt to have a national podium with shared goal. With the prime objective of carving a common agenda the meeting was called.


National Meeting of Disabled People Organizations 2010

With the introduction of organizations a warm up facilitation organized for DPOs representatives for better understanding working as network. Next day a brain storming session started how to strengthen National level mechanism of DPOs in Pakistan. After an extensive discussion all representatives agreed to launch a “Campaign for Implementation of National Plan of Action (GOP) 2010-2012” launched.  Five those targets selected from NPA were common among all.

  • Accessibility
  • Women with Disabilities
  • Political Rights and Inclusion
  • Inclusive Education
  • Accessible Information and Communication Technology (ICT)