Catch-up Project (Zaheer) 2009

STEP Catch-up Project for Livelihood of Persons with Disabilities

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The STEP Catch-up Project for Livelihood of Persons with Disabilities, initiated in 2009, aimed to improve the livelihood opportunities of persons with disabilities in Islamabad, Pakistan. Through a series of small-scale initiatives, the project focused on empowering individuals with disabilities by supporting them in establishing income-generating activities.

One notable initiative under the Catch-up Project was the support provided to Mr. Muhammad Zaheer in setting up a small-scale French fries business. Mr. Zaheer, a person with a disability, received training, financial assistance, and mentoring to launch his venture successfully.

The project followed a structured approach, including needs assessment, training, financial support, business setup, and ongoing monitoring. This comprehensive process ensured that beneficiaries like Mr. Zaheer received the necessary resources and guidance to succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

The establishment of Mr. Zaheer’s French fries setup not only provided him with a sustainable source of income but also contributed to his social inclusion and served as an inspiration to others with disabilities. The project demonstrated the transformative potential of entrepreneurship in enhancing the lives of persons with disabilities.

The STEP Catch-up Project has been instrumental in improving the livelihoods of persons with disabilities in Islamabad through tailored support and empowerment initiatives. Mr. Zaheer’s success story exemplifies the positive impact of such projects on economic independence and social inclusion.

To build on the success of the Catch-up Project, future initiatives should focus on expanding outreach, diversifying support services, and fostering partnerships for greater impact and sustainability.

We express our gratitude to all stakeholders involved in the Catch-up Project, whose dedication and collaboration have made a meaningful difference in the lives of persons with disabilities in Islamabad.