Meeting with IFES team for the Access Audit in their office 2009

Accessibility Audit of IFES Office Islamabad by STEP

STEP – Special Talent Exchange Program conducted an Accessibility Audit of the IFES (International Foundation for Electoral Systems) Office in Islamabad in August 2009. This audit marks a significant step towards promoting accessibility and inclusivity for individuals with disabilities in the workplace.

The Accessibility Audit, conducted by STEP experts, aimed to assess the physical environment and infrastructure of the IFES Office to identify any barriers that may hinder the full participation of persons with disabilities. Through a comprehensive evaluation process, including site visits, interviews, and analysis of existing facilities, the audit provided valuable insights into areas for improvement and opportunities for enhancing accessibility.

The findings of the Accessibility Audit will serve as a roadmap for IFES to implement necessary modifications and accommodations to ensure that their office space is fully accessible to individuals with disabilities. This initiative aligns with STEP’s commitment to promoting equal opportunities and creating inclusive environments for all members of society.

We commend IFES for their collaboration and commitment to fostering accessibility and inclusivity in the workplace. By prioritizing accessibility, organizations like IFES demonstrate their dedication to upholding the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities.

Moving forward, STEP remains committed to supporting organizations in their efforts to promote accessibility and inclusivity. We encourage other organizations to follow IFES’s example and take proactive steps towards creating accessible environments that enable full participation and equal opportunities for all.

For more information about STEP’s Accessibility Audit services and our commitment to promoting inclusivity, please visit our website or contact us directly.

Together, let us work towards a future where accessibility is not just a goal but a reality for everyone.