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Wheelchair Distribution Among Deserving Persons 2020

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Wheelchair distribution event, President of Pakistan in partnership with Embassy of Azerbaijan, Islamabad, and Special Talent Exchange Program (STEP). Many Thanks, Honourable President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi & Excellency Ambassador Ali Alizade for your support.

Increased independence (Wheelchair Distribution)

Both electric and manual wheelchairs enable the user without assistance to get around and perform daily activities. In particular, an electric wheelchair offers improved mobility because of its ease-of-use and the capacity to ride without exhaustion.

Even a manual wheelchair, however, provides the user and their carer with extra flexibility. A wheelchair will minimize the risk and anxiety of falling at home or outside for someone with reduced mobility who may not be able to walk unassisted, helping you to travel about with confidence.


Wheelchairs are designed specifically to suit and move into tiny spaces, making them suitable for home use. More durable wheelchairs, such as pavements and slopes, are often designed to be taken outside and can be used on rough terrains.

In combination with other mobility aids or modes of travel, a wheelchair may be used. For example, transit wheelchairs are lightweight and great for traveling or on holidays. Similarly, most public transit systems are wheelchair accessible and it is possible to carry both manual and motorized wheelchairs on board.


The challenge of taking part in social events is of most concern when a loved one experiences reduced or diminished mobility. We know that for emotional and physical health, socialization is crucial, so it’s important to maintain a healthy social life.

A wheelchair can encourage the user to continue to enjoy their favorite activities, whether it’s a stroll around the local park, visiting the local shops or going to a gallery, along with other mobility aids. A wheelchair offers a more active lifestyle for the user, which can lead to a more optimistic outlook on life.

Wheelchair Distribution Islamabad