Hiring of Consultant – Referral Pathways & Directory for Gender-Based Violence (GBV) against Women with Disabilities

Hiring of Consultant – Referral Pathways & Directory for Gender-Based Violence (GBV) against Women with Disabilities


The prevalence of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) against women with disabilities is a critical issue that requires targeted interventions. To address this, we are seeking an experienced Individual Consultant to conduct six consultation workshops aimed at developing and enhancing referral pathways and a comprehensive directory specifically tailored for addressing GBV against women with disabilities.


The primary objectives of this consultancy are:

  • To identify and analyse existing referral pathways for women with disabilities experiencing GBV.
  • To conduct six consultation workshops with key stakeholders to gather insights and recommendations for strengthening referral mechanisms.
  • To develop a comprehensive directory of services and resources available for women with disabilities affected by GBV.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

The selected consultant will be responsible for:

  • Identifying and mapping current referral pathways and support services available for women with disabilities in the context of GBV.
  • Designing and conducting six consultation workshops with relevant stakeholders, including representatives from government agencies, NGOs, service providers, and women with disabilities.
  • Facilitating discussions during the workshops to gather input on challenges, gaps, and potential solutions related to GBV referral pathways.
  • Compiling and analysing the information collected during the workshops to inform the development of the referral pathways and directory.
  • Developing a comprehensive directory that includes contact details, services offered, and eligibility criteria of organizations and support services.
  • Providing a detailed report summarizing the findings, recommendations, and the proposed referral pathways and directory.


The consultant is expected to deliver the following:

  • An inception report outlining the methodology and work plan.
  • A mapping report of existing referral pathways and services for women with disabilities facing GBV.
  • Documentation of the six consultation workshops, including key findings and recommendations.
  • A comprehensive directory of services and resources for women with disabilities affected by GBV.
  • A final report summarizing the entire consultancy, including lessons learned and best practices.


The consultancy is expected to be completed before 31st December 2023, with specific milestones and deadlines outlined in the work plan.


The ideal candidate should possess:

  • Proven experience in conducting consultations, workshops, and research related to GBV and disability issues.
  • Expertise in developing referral pathways and directories for vulnerable populations.
  • Strong analytical and report-writing skills.
  • Familiarity with the local context and stakeholders in the field of disability and GBV.

Application Procedure:
Interested consultants should submit a proposal that includes:

  • A detailed CV for the consultant and any team members who will be involved in the consultancy and contact information of 2 references.
  • Deadline for the application submission will be 15 April 2023.
  • Selected candidate must be signed our PSEA Policy, Anti-Harassment Policy, Code of Conduct and undertaking.
  • Applications should be sent via email to: info@step.org.pk  or apply online: www.step.org.pk